Market fresh inspiration

I cycled to yoga this morning, via Kawana Waters Farmers Market, only to discover classes don’t recommence until 14 January. It wasn’t a wasted venture as the market stalls groaned with fresh produce.

In search of inspiration, my eyes darted left and right, searching out ingredients I’ve never cooked with. Behold, a bunch of delicate baby beets, their crimson beauty evident beneath layers of dirt. A few stalls later, leggy Asian greens by the name of choi sum. With potential recipes swirling around my mind, I added both bunches to my collection.

Baby beetroot_The Judicious Gourmand

Now, beetroots are hardy passengers but choi sum, clearly more accustomed to being chauffeured around than riding pillion on an up-cycled bicycle, complained the entire way home. I could hear him whimpering as his proud leaves drooped under the sun’s severe gaze. Peddling furiously, it was a race against time to get him home and rehydrated.

Choi sum_The Judicious GourmandI returned from the market exhausted and dripping with perspiration, but with a basket of inspiring seasonal produce and dozens of ideas for the week ahead. Now that’s more like it!

Kawana Farmers Market_2What’s inspiring you in the kitchen this weekend?

About The Judicious Gourmand

The Judicious Gourmand follows Georgina Siddall on her quest to balance her love of food with growing concerns about health and wellbeing, money and the environment.
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2 Responses to Market fresh inspiration

  1. bizzylizzycooks says:

    Tomatoes…. my own in the garden are not doing so well… lack of bees and also the season generally, so I’m buying them from the farmer’s market which is five minutes away from my home. They are deliciously good!

  2. In spite of the tomato masterclass, my tomatoes aren’t faring well either. The heat is brutal, especially since they are just in pots! But you are right the tomatoes that are available at the markets are delightful, and so full of flavour. Thanks for sharing your seasonal inspiration.

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